I am at peace with not being a rockstar. My dream has always been to be a songwriter, and I enjoy writing songs for myself and others. I have had a so much fun being a performing songwriter and I am incredibly lucky. I have learned a lot in the last ten years and have made a living in music due to the support of my fans, friends, and family. I feel the need to share what I know and what I have been through as a performing songwriter. This page is new to the website and it will include affiliate links to products and resources I use everyday in writing and performing. I do make a commission on these links but I wouldn’t put them up on my website if these resources were not a big part of my career. The equipment and books that I post links too are currently helping me write and record new music. If you decide to purchase one of these products through my links I am very grateful to you. Thank you for checking out my resource page!

I found Futurehit.Dna at the Taxi Convention in 2010. Jay Frank was the first speaker of the conference and his insights taught me so much about today’s music industry. The 14 rules he covers in this book are invaluable to songwriters. I constantly think about this book daily and I applied one of the rules to my song “Share Life”. This book is full of statistics and case studies that will blow you away. I especially like the rule on “Making you songs longer”. He’s a straight shooter too, looks you right in the eye and is very honest when he evaluates your music.

This is the Adrenalinn 3 Pedal! My pride and joy, and it is what I am using to write segment music on the Drink My Brewcast show. I plan on showing a video soon how I use the pedal to write intros and outros.